From the Ashes of Absalom

Kingdom Sheets

As something I’ve been meaning to do in case you need them while I’m away (like tonight), I scanned and added our kingdom sheets to the media library. The general kingdom sheet as well as the city sheet for Wheatfield. A note on the kingdom if you need it tonight is our first Stability roll for step 1 of the Upkeep phase (the very first thing we’d do), will be at a -9 compare to what is written on the sheet. -7 for our unrest, then 2 less ‘cause at that point Felwyn is still acting ruler. That’s the only roll to make before leadership positions get back to normal (unless you want to make a Leadership roll for the Royal Enforcer to reduce unrest which I would strongly recommend against as we’d just have a 10% chance to succeed). After than you just need to take into account the -7 for our unrest. If a kingdom turn happens Felwyn recommends building two blocks of Houses to reduce unrest



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