From the Ashes of Absalom

After the Attack

Chasing the kobods, returning to hunger

The kobolds got away (though you do know the general direction they traveled.)

You returned to the Wheatfield Inn to find hunger growing. While you have taken steps toward creating a central food source, the camp still faces several challenges in feeding everybody: While wheat is generally plentiful, a diet of only wheat-based food is not enough, and there is little beyond grain currently growing. Most animals and other veggies have already been consumed. Traders coming through the area are few and far between, and few of the villagers have anything to trade for more substantial food, not to mention little reason to purchase food for the other villagers.

This famine has caused a few incidents, which you have had to deal with. A pig was stolen and slaughtered, and a group of children was stealing in order to get enough food. The children were punished, and are now under more direct care of Boromir Burnbarch.



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