Welcome to “From the Ashes of Absalom”

A horrendous cataclysm has claimed Absalom. Very few survived the incident, and fewer still were unchanged by it. Undead and terrible abominations now claim the city as their own.

The Cataclysm’s effects spread far beyond the walls of Absalom. Civilization on the Isle of Kortos has been plunged into chaos, as the economic center of the island disappeared overnight. Many fled the island, while others have turned to scavenging food from wherever they can, leaving the island’s farmers with quickly-dwindling food supplies.
Without the mercenaries hired by Absalom’s Council, nobody has been able to keep such robbery under control. Likewise, the island’s monsters are left to run rampant. As such, bandits, kobolds, goblins, harpies, and countless other dangers stalk the island.

Even worse, the fall of Absalom has sent economic tremors throughout the world. Nations have lost vessels, embassies, and promissory documents worth countless bars of gold. Kingdoms that would never directly trade each other, yet have need of each others’ goods, find themselves floundering for necessities and income.

Without someone to forge order out of the chaos, Kortos is doomed to become a blighted wilderness. The welcoming trade hub will become a forbidding hazard in the Inner Sea region. Travel through the area will become difficult, perhaps impossible. Culture in the Inner Sea region will regress significantly as nations struggle to adjust.

Fate is bringing a group of champions together on Kortos, drawing them with the relative security and abundance of the Wheatfield Inn, an oasis in the middle of Kortos’ wilderness. But will they have the strength to fight the growing vileness on Kortos? To find the source of the cataclysm which threatens to bring civilization to its knees? To rebuild a new kingdom from the ashes of Absalom?

From the Ashes of Absalom

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