House Rules

Creative Combat: Please feel free to get creative with combat. This is a campaign about epic champions of righteousn-… epic champions of justic-… epic champions forging an entire kingdom out of the scraps of a mighty nation. So if you want to do something awesome, try it, even if there’s no rules for it.
I’m not saying that a description of a mighty swing at an opponent’s head is going to give you an insta-kill, but if you want to climb a dragon so that you can attack its neck, you might get attack or damage bonuses for the extra difficulty you took upon yourself.
If you want to drop a statue on an opponent and can think of a way to do it, go for it.
If you want to grapple a fairy and toss it in a nearby barrel of wine, that sounds like a peachy way to get yourself an item with the title: “Drunken fairy in a barrel.”
If you want to try to perch on the back of a chair to be able to fire over cover, that sounds sweet (if a bit dangerous).
Heck, even just a vivid description of your action might net you a bonus.

Firearm bullet/pellet weight. 10 bullets equals 1/2 pound. This is very different from the official rules, and is meant to better reflect the actual weight of the weapon (especially in a game where carrying capacity is greatly inflated).

Cover and Large Creatures: This rule also applies to ranged attacks. Basically, if you can aim at an area (think vertically as well as horizontally) the creature occupies that is not granted cover, then you can fire without cover. A lone human fighter standing in front of a giant should not provide cover to said giant.

Cover and Prone: Prone creatures do not typically provide cover to creatures their size or larger.

Utility/Divination Spells: Many utility and divination spells will either have duration or range improved. These spells are generally underpowered and there is often little reason to have them prepared regularly. These changes should allow there to be use in preparing spells that don’t have a direct combat effect. There will be a separate wiki document (which will be a continuous work-in-progress) on these changes.

House Rules

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