Character Creation

Ability Scores
Stat generation is by point allocation with the Epic Fantasy system.
Alternately, if the player chooses, they may roll using the Heroic System, but must do so in front of the GM (and preferably the other players). Not that we don’t trust each other, but this way we avoid a situation where players must trust in a very unlikely circumstance for the duration of the campaign. A stat average below 11 can be rerolled, while a stat average of 15 or over will have to reduce stats so that their average is less than 15 (this still allows for a character who has, say, 18, 18, 14, 14, 10, 10; still a ridiculously good set of stats).

Core races and any Paizo Standard-Level race (10RP or less) can be played. Contact the GM if you wish to play an Advanced, Monstrous, or non-Paizo race. Some of these may be allowed with a good enough back story (see “Background” below), while others may require that the player take a flaw of some sort. Some of them (particularly if they are high-powered) will be simply disallowed.

Most Paizo classes are allowed. Occult classes are not allowed.
Alchemists are allowed, though I will be keeping tabs on the costs of “odd” alchemical creations (things not found in Ultimate Equipment, for example). Costs of these items will be similar to the costs of creating a magic item of equivalent power.
Gunslingers are allowed. We’ll be using the early firearms, and you will be required to keep close track of ammunition carried and used. There is also a class combination that allows the gunslinger to get a ridiculous damage bonus to every shot. I don’t remember what it’s called, but it will be disallowed in this campaign. Basically, it’s easy to seriously twink out a gunslinger. Please don’t. If you want the flavor of a gunslinger, awesome. If you want to do more damage each shot than the highest level spell of the group’s spellcaster, this isn’t the campaign for that sort of thing.
Summoners; See note about twinking out gunslingers.

If you’re going to make a character that relies on extra characters/creatures to do your fighting, please be sure to be prepared on your turn(s).

Archetypes, Feats, Spells Anything that’s not out of the Core Rulebook, Advanced Players’ Guide, Advanced Race Guide, or Ultimate Magic, contact the GM. This is less to let me decide whether or not you can have something and more to let me know when you get something odd. Things that are specific to a certain race or culture, you may need to have a very good reason why you have it.


Writing a longer background can earn you a few nifty-keen perks.
1000 words earns you a +1 bonus to a single stat. Yes, this can raise a stat to 19.
300 words earns you a Trait.
Another 300 words earns you another Trait.
Still another 300 words earns a third Trait.
Playing a non-Core race may require between 400-1000 words, depending on the oddity and RP value of the race.

Character Creation

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