Campaign Traits

Cataclysm Survivor: You escaped the Cataclysm that destroyed Absalom. Whether you were a citizen of the city or a visitor, you were inside the walls when a wave of negative energy claimed the Southeastern portion of the city and the veils between worlds were rent around the Starstone. You escaped Absalom with unnatural beasts close on your heels. In an effort to survive, you have sought security in the form of gathered people, bringing you to the Whitefield Inn. You gain one of the following sub-traits.

Shattered Mind, Resilient Body: When the energy from the Cataclysm washed over you, your mind was strained between realities, leaving you susceptible to mind-damaging effects. However, as your body was subjected to the abominable forces, it became more resistant to effects that would change it or deplete its life force. You suffer a -1 penalty to any ST vs fear, confusion, or madness, but have gained a +1 to STs vs transmutation, necromantic, and negative energy effects.

Thinned Veils: When the Cataclysm struck, you instinctively saved yourself by folding yourself into it. As a result, the walls that stand between the planes have thinned around you, allowing you to manipulate them more easily, but also rendering you easier to target. Gain a +1 Trait Bonus to DC and caster level of abjuration and necromantic effects, but suffer a -1 penalty to Saves of the same types.

Obfuscated from the Unnatural: The energy from the Cataclysm changed your life force, washing out a part of the aura and making it more difficult for undead and abominations to find you. Undead and abominations receive a -1 penalty to Perception rolls to detect you. You also gain a +1 Trait bonus to STs vs necromantic effects based on perceiving things.

Bereft Trapper: You have survived years in the wilds of Kortos, but in the time since the fall of Absalom, the game trails have dried up. Worse, there are few people who can buy your furs. You have had to travel further and further to find people who would trade food and goods for your wares, and fear that you will be unable to survive alone on Kortos for much longer. As such, you’ve decided to throw your lot in with a group of survivors that is gathering at the Whitefield Inn. You feel that there you will be able to trade your survival skills for shelter and food.
You gain access to a single extraordinary Ranger Trap which may be used once per day. In all other ways, this functions as the Learn Ranger Trap feat. The Survival skill is also added to your list of class skills.

Orphaned Laborer: You were the child of a farmer, smith, miller, or other laborer in a small farming community before the Cataclysm. In the resulting chaos, your family’s business was destroyed by pillagers. Your family was lost to the bandits, and what little could be saved was nowhere near enough to survive on. You have decided that reclaiming control of the land is a necessity.
You have a +2 trait bonus in a single Craft or Profession skill. In the case of Profession, you may roll this skill, even if you have no ranks in it. Additionally, you may select one of the following sub-traits.

De-Facto Leader: When bandits or monsters attacked your town, it was chaos. Without thinking, you began shouting orders, organizing the defense. Because you take action when others freeze, you gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate rolls made to guide the actions of others during times of duress.

Coward: When your town was attacked you did the only sensible thing. You hid. Your town was utterly destroyed, but you survived. During the chaos of battle, you have a +2 trait bonus to Stealth.

Profiteer: You managed to escape the attack that destroyed your town with a large quantity of food or goods intact. You turned the disorder of the land to your advantage, trading your possessions for equipment and money, increasing your chances of survival. You begin the campaign with an extra 500gp, at least half of which must be used for equipment before the campaign starts.

Bully: You have survived so far not by convincing others to work together or by hiding, but by threatening those who might be a danger to you, thus avoiding many otherwise deadly encounters. Outside of combat, you gain a +1 trait bonus to Intimidate.

Town Defender: When your town was attacked, you were among those at the front lines, defending your friends and family. When adjacent to two or more allies, you may make an Aid Another for one of those allies as a Swift Action.

Campaign Traits

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