From the Ashes of Absalom

Concerns brought to the Council

Felwyn's missives on moving forward as a government (and Matt's explanation of them)

Felwyn calls for the floor at a routine council meeting.

Greetings Advisors. Having spent some time looking over the books for our new community, thank the gods we now have actual books to keep this in, there are a number of concerns I have moving forward. While I still feel it was the right choice for us to have the early push we did for economic growth, I have seen that our ability to deal with uncertainty is lacking (Stability is lower than I’d like). To that end, I would propose that we immediately reclassify the Clydesdale’s job to Warden, while we begin a search for someone to serve as such on a more permanent basis. The lack of a “captain of the guard”, I think, makes the people somewhat nervous (the vacancy penalty for Warden is a -2 to both Loyalty and Stability). Also, that if not the Distinguished Servant himself (Casteel), then at least Spymaster Daggis should redirect their efforts towards the dependability of our new government (change their contributions from Economy to Stability).

I’m not a particular expert in agriculture but as we’ve been here a few months now I would assume a harvest is likely to come in soon so perhaps it would be of use to begin working on the construction of a mill or granary (they both increase stability)? In addition, as far as our territory goes, I feel like we should begin to slowly expand. Adding some of the territory nearby (just about any adjacent hex, they are all hills right?) would allow us to start quarrying stone, fueling both growth and resiliency as a city (increases stability and adds strait up one extra BP during tax collection) as well as allowing the space to increase our farmlands.



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